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Designing, delivering and supporting innovative technologies that enable the growth of sport

At Sport:80, we are first and foremost sports people. We have been involved in amateur and professional sport, delivered major international sporting events and have worked within national governing bodies of sport. 

We now apply our passion for sport in combination with another passion of ours – technology. We use our expertise to deliver innovative technology solutions that make a significant difference to the way the world of sport works. Solutions that enable sports organizations, governing bodies, clubs and event organizers to work in more efficient, engaging and profitable ways. 

Our story started during the lead-up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Members of our Leadership Team were involved in the delivery of the largest test event for the Games; the ISSF Shooting World Cup. They were tasked with providing event management services for the three week event that saw more than 2000 coaches, officials and athletes travel to London to compete.

The project was a huge challenge, particularly given the small team that was tasked to deliver it. In order to meet the high expectations of a major international event, we looked to technology to automate management and admin processes so we could devote more time to delivery. However, we quickly found that there was very little that catered for the idiosyncrasies of a sporting event, so that answer was to build something ourselves. 

We built a technology platform that would complement our role in the project. It would automated everything from invitations, entries, payments, accommodation and travel to visas, communication, accreditation and licences. It was a huge success and spurred us on to develop something even more powerful that would enable governing bodies, sports organizations and event organizers to overcome their shared challenges.


Today that vision is a reality with the Sport:80 Platform.

Meet our leadership team

Simon Clegg
Gary Hargraves
Chief Executive Officer
Garth Palmer
Finance Director
Jonny Turner
Chief Operating Officer
Harry Bunting
Head of Sofware & Development



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