IFAF partners with Sport:80 to create an online international transfer system

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). This new partnership will see us deliver a transfer system for the International Federation so it can efficiently manage the movement of players from country-to-country.

“We’ve been looking for an online player transfer solution for some time. Having met with the Sport:80 team and seen their platform in action, we’re confident they can deliver exactly what we need. What really excites us about working with Sport:80 is the scalability of their platform. It’s going to provide us with the flexibility to add new features as and when we need them, helping us to transform other areas of our organisation and improve services provided to members.”

- Andy Fuller, Managing Director, IFAF

IFAF approached us to develop a new online system for the management of its player transfers, recognizing its current paper-heavy processes were an administrative burden for staff, players, teams and member nations. Under this newly formed partnership, IFAF will adopt the Sport:80 Platform as the foundation for the player transfer system which will manage:

  • Self-service approach for players to register transfers

  • Ability to enter nation/team transferring from and to

  • Payment of transfer fees

  • Approval from current and new nation

  • Automatic issuing of International Transfer Card (ITC)

By choosing to adopt the Sport:80 Platform, IFAF will be able to configure and benefit from various other features throughout the lifetime our partnership. This can include the management of member nation affiliations, international events, internationally accredited coaches and officials, player safety and safeguarding amongst a host of other areas.

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