How we've helped USA Archery strengthen its safeguarding processes

At Sport:80, we are always looking for new ways to help our partners utilize technology to become safer and more secure. In recent months, safeguarding has been at the top of our list and we have been working closely with USA Archery to develop two new Platform features that we believe will benefit all Governing Bodies of Sport.

USA Archery use innovative technology powered by Sport:80

Within this blog we will take a closer look at these new features and how they are enabling USA Archery to improve its safeguarding processes.

Background Screening

The first of these new features is an integration with USA Archery’s background screening provider, SSCI.

Members of USA Archery can now log in to the USA Archery membership platform (that we launched for the Governing Body late last year) and apply and pay for both domestic and international background screens. The member’s information is then instantly distributed from the membership platform to SSCI without any manual intervention. SSCI processes the application and returns the results back to the USA Archery membership platform.

This integration gives USA Archery members the freedom to apply for a background screen at their convenience, and without the need for USA Archery to intervene at any point. Put simply, there is no longer any need to spend time managing domestic or international background screening applications, and SCCI deals directly with the individual should action be required.

Time, money and resources are saved, whilst providing a great service to members!


The second feature is an integration with SafeSport, the United States Olympic Committee’s initiative to recognize, reduce and respond to misconduct in sport.

Members of USA Archery can now simply log in to the USA Archery membership platform, select the SafeSport feature and complete the three required course modules. As they complete the course modules, their progress is tracked and available for USA Archery to view. As an added bonus, once the individual has completed the SafeSport course, the membership system automatically issues the member with a digital SafeSport certificate, again saving valuable staff time and resources.

The USA Archery membership system is built on the Sport:80 Platform

Incorporating dependencies to take safeguarding to another level

These are great standalone features in their own right, however we decided to take them a step further by incorporating a number of dependencies.

One great example here relates to archery coaches wanting to work with minors. USA Archery stipulates that to become an accredited coach and work with minors, an individual is required to have a valid:

  1. USA Archery Membership

  2. Background Screening

  3. Safe Sport Certification

To make this process even more secure we have incorporated additional dependency features into the platform that prevents individuals from acquiring a USA Archery Level 2 or higher instructor or coach certification if they have not met all certification requirements. This is all managed through USA Archery’s membership platform, so once a USA Archery instructor or coach completes all necessary requirements their certification is updated to 'Current' within their online profile.

Once an instructor or coach has a current certification, their name and credentials will be displayed within the ‘Coach Locator’ on USA Archery’s website. All this is done automatically because we have created a live data feed between USA Archery’s membership platform and their website. Every time a website visitor searches for a coach in their area of the country, only certified instructors and coaches that meet USA Archery’s requirements will display.

“These new features provided by Sport:80 allow our members the ability to more easily manage their accounts and has improved program administration . The automation has also introduced an invaluable fail-safe which prevents non-approved individuals from being displayed in our online locator.”

Mary Emmons, Chief of Sport Performance and Organizational Development, USA Archery

Want to find out more?

USA Archery is the first National Governing Body to take advantage of these innovative new features provided by Sport:80, and given the current climate surrounding safeguarding, we think these features can be of great value to other sport organizations.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Sport:80 Platform and these new features, please get in touch by clicking here.