USA Taekwondo becomes the latest US NGB to join the Sport:80 Community

USA Taekwondo becomes the latest US Governing Body to join the growing Sport:80 Community, along with USA Archery, USA Shooting, the National Field Archery Association and Scholastic 3-D Archery, who all use our innovative sport business management technology.

“The Sport:80 Platform is probably the most complete and functional sports management product we’ve seen in the market. It’s going to allow our organization to centralize our core operations, making processes more efficient and secure. The variety of member-facing features will also be a really useful tool in improving customer experience to generate invaluable engagement with the people involved in our sport. We are also going to benefit greatly from Sport:80’s support package which will essentially see their team become an extension of ours, giving us additional resource to draw on.”

Steve McNally, Executive Director, USA Taekwondo

USA Taekwondo came to us recognizing the need to replace its existing systems as they were no longer fit for purpose. The NGB’s team also wanted to make the most out of their available resource which was becoming increasingly tied up in repetitive administration due to inefficiencies imposed on the team by their existing systems.

Having received glowing references from peers in the sports industry, USA Taekwondo made the decision to adopt our market-leading sport business management solution, the Sport:80 Platform. USA Taekwondo will use the Platform to manage a variety of key business functions, including:

  • Membership registrations & renewals

  • Certifications management

  • Event sanctioning

  • Event registration and management

  • CRM & contact management

  • Data management, compliance and reporting

  • Marketing and communications

  • Payments and finance

  • Customer support and service

In addition to the above, we will be working with USA Taekwondo to deliver a number of innovative features and tools for safeguarding, belt gradings, and to monitor medical information with a specific focus on concussion management.

If you would like to find out more about this partnership, or any of our projects, please get in touch by clicking here.